Our Sister Websites

Mental Health Journal, Lexicon, and Scholarly Articles

  1. Journal of DiagnosticsA monthly publication of Scholarly Articles on Mental Health Topics.

  2. PsychopediaSimilar to Wikipdeia, but focusing exclusively on Mental Health.

  3. Msw Tutorials PortalA Research, learning, and tutorial portal for clinical social work and interns.

  4. The psychchannelAn online News and Information Publication.

For Patients and Collaterals

  1. Abmhd / Patients' PortalAn online portal for patients to access, print, and forward their records, communicate, and complete intake and collateral information forms.

  2. Patients' Collateral Information PortalAn online portal for frients and relatives of patients to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients through the provision of collateral information.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education Sites for Mental Health Professionals

  1. Ce-psych
  2. Online Ceu
  3. Psych Online Ceu

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